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05/08/2021 - Qatari company specialized in production of glass reinforced and Ultra-High-Performance Concrete (UHPC) products for cladding, decoration and street furniture is looking for a distributor or an agent
03/08/2021 - A collaborative approach promotes net zero energy settlements
05/02/2021 - Spanish SME in the urban waste collection sector seeks for distribution and commercial agency agreements to commercialize its innovative bins
27/01/2021 - Portuguese company specialized in street furniture, coatings and pavements is looking for commercial and distribution agreement
29/10/2020 - A Spanish SME, specialized in the field of building and urban nature based solutions, is looking for sustainable materials for waterproof boards, alternative to PVC, to be implemented in its vertical garden systems
21/10/2020 - 4 Renewable Energy Challenges for Startups (100 K USD for Piloting)
04/03/2020 - Dutch company specialized in biobased landscaping products is looking for partners interested in distributing their bio-degradable anchoring system for young trees
12/08/2019 - British manufacturer of innovative recycling bins seeks EU-wide agents and distributors.
24/09/2018 - Una agenda estratégica de investigación para utilizar mejor la tierra y los suelos de Europa
16/02/2018 - Organizations experienced in energy and smart cities sought for H2020 proposal.
16/02/2018 - Patented technologies for the decontamination of soils polluted by organics contaminants
27/11/2017 - Un vehículo eléctrico novedoso para un transporte urbano sostenible
19/10/2017 - Wet bench technology for chemical processing in microelectronics, solar and biomedical industry
25/04/2017 - A French design agency is looking for licence, manufacturing & distribution agreements with one exclusive manufacturer and distributor of ecological wood composite and metal bins for Europe
13/12/2016 - Turkish company specialized in manufacturing compression fittings is looking for distributors
26/08/2015 - SYNPOL - Producción de biopolímeros a partir de residuos urbanos en un solo paso
15/06/2015 - Polymer products design and manufacturing partner sought
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