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23/02/2018 - Essential micronutrient and toxic trace element concentrations in gluten containing and gluten-free foods
23/02/2018 - Hybrid governance in agricultural commodity chains: Insights from implementation of ?No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation' (NDPE) policies in the oil palm industry
23/02/2018 - Efficient degradation of clofibric acid by electro-enhanced peroxydisulfate activation with Fe-Cu/SBA-15 catalyst
23/02/2018 - Total inorganic nitrogen removal during the partial/complete nitrification for treating domestic wastewater: Removal pathways and main influencing factors
23/02/2018 - New MD2 inhibitors derived from curcumin with improved anti-inflammatory activity
22/02/2018 - The application of life cycle assessment (LCA) in municipal solid waste management: A comparative study on street sweeping services
22/02/2018 - Where is the hope? Blending modern urban lifestyle with cultural practices in India
22/02/2018 - Integrating lean systems in the design of a sustainable supply chain model
22/02/2018 - Linking notions of justice and project outcomes in carbon offset forestry projects: Insights from a comparative study in Uganda
22/02/2018 - A multifaceted coating on titanium dictates osteoimmunomodulation and osteo/angio-genesis towards ameliorative osseointegration
22/02/2018 - Analysis of the dynamic characteristics of air-water two-phase flow in small channel based on multi-scale normalized Benford probability distribution
22/02/2018 - Modeling and experimental study of a piezoelectric energy harvester from vortex shedding-induced vibration
21/02/2018 - Construction of rGO wrapping octahedral Ag-Cu2O heterostructure for enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity
21/02/2018 - Removal of Catalyst Particles from Fluid Catalytic Cracking Slurry Oil by the simultaneous addition of a flocculants and a weighting agent
21/02/2018 - Where is the hope? Blending modern urban lifestyle with cultural practices in India
20/02/2018 - Emerging value chains within the bioeconomy: Structural changes in the case of phosphate recovery
20/02/2018 - A systematic review of the literature on integrating sustainability into engineering curricula
20/02/2018 - Effect of Climatic Factors on the Results of Bench Field Tests of Fabric Weathering
19/02/2018 - When will biofuels be economically feasible for commercial flights? Considering the difference between environmental benefits and fuel purchase costs
19/02/2018 - Defining and measuring innovation in all sectors of the economy
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