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21/08/2018 - Hollow Nanostructures for Photocatalysis: Advantages and Challenges
21/08/2018 - Prior administration of vitamin K<sub>2</sub> improves the therapeutic effects of zoledronic acid in ovariectomized rats by antagonizing zoledronic acid-induced inhibition of osteoblasts proliferation and mineralization
20/08/2018 - A first-principles study of 2D antimonene electrodes for Li ion storage
20/08/2018 - Discovery of a Non-toxic [1,2,4]Triazolo[1,5-A]Pyrimidin-7-One (WS-10) that Modulates ABCB1-Mediated Multidrug Resistance (MDR)
20/08/2018 - Effects of metakaolin on a novel aerated magnesium phosphate cement with high early strength
20/08/2018 - A new method to study human metabolic rate changes and thermal comfort in physical exercise by CO2 measurement in an airtight chamber
20/08/2018 - An investigation on the characteristics of and influence factors for NO2 formation in diesel/methanol dual fuel engine
17/08/2018 - Pore Structure and Pertinent Physical Properties of Nanofibrillated Cellulose (NFC)-based Foam Materials
17/08/2018 - Periodic atomization characteristics of an impinging jet injector element modulated by Klystron effect
17/08/2018 - Genomic signatures of adaptive introgression and environmental adaptation in the Sheko cattle of southwest Ethiopia
16/08/2018 - Lipophilic Polymethacrylate Ionic Liquids as Lubricant Additives
16/08/2018 - The politics of bringing bullet trains to the US
15/08/2018 - SemimetalSemiconductor Transitions for Monolayer Antimonene Nanosheets and Their Application in Perovskite Solar Cells
15/08/2018 - Silo quake response spectrum of iron ore train load out bin
15/08/2018 - Enhanced catalytic performance of Zr-modified ZSM-5-supported Zn for the hydration of acetylene to acetaldehyde
14/08/2018 - Design, synthesis, biological evaluation and structure-activity relationship of sophoridine derivatives bearing pyrrole or indole scaffold as potential antitumor agents
14/08/2018 - Hierarchical Co2P microspheres assembled from nanorods grown on reduced graphene oxide as anode material for Lithium-ion batteries
14/08/2018 - Glass-on-LiNbO3 heterostructure formed via a two-step plasma activated low-temperature direct bonding method
14/08/2018 - Static and dynamic analysis of composite box beam based on geometrically exact nonlinear model considering non-classical effects
14/08/2018 - UAE heritage buildings converted into museums: Evaluation of daylighting effectiveness and potential risks on artifacts and visual comfort
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