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22/02/2019 - Delayed Crosslinking Amphiphilic Polymer Gel System with Adjustable Gelation Time Based on Competitive Inclusion Method
21/02/2019 - A Study on the Adjustment of Emulsification Degree to Interlayer Interference in Class III Reservoir
21/02/2019 - Synthesis and characterization of simple and binary drug delivery systems for sustainable release of ciprofloxacin
20/02/2019 - Synthesis of chondroitin sulfate magnesium for osteoarthritis treatment
20/02/2019 - Synthesis and formation mechanism of amorphous silica particles via solgel process with tetraethylorthosilicate
20/02/2019 - Synthesis and characterization of highly efficacious Fe-doped ceria nanoparticles for cytotoxic and antifungal activity
18/02/2019 - Stimulation of anaerobic biofilm development in the presence of low concentrations of toxic aromatic pollutants
18/02/2019 - Biodegradation potential of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons by immobilized Klebsiella sp. in soil washing effluent
18/02/2019 - Synthesis, structure-activity relationship studies and biological characterization of new [1,2,4]triazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidine-based LSD1/KDM1A inhibitors
18/02/2019 - Depolymerization of corn stover lignin with bulk molybdenum carbide catalysts
18/02/2019 - Microplastic pollution in the surface sediments collected from Sishili Bay, North Yellow Sea, China
15/02/2019 - Synthesis and formation mechanism of monodisperse Mn-Co-Ni-O spinel nanocrystallines
15/02/2019 - Titanium dioxide encapsulated carbon-nitride nanosheets derived from MXene and melamine-cyanuric acid composite as a multifunctional electrocatalyst for hydrogen and oxygen evolution reaction and oxygen reduction reaction
15/02/2019 - Graphene oxide based materials for desalination
15/02/2019 - Improving the gas barrier, mechanical and thermal properties of poly(vinyl alcohol) with molybdenum disulfide nanosheets
14/02/2019 - Hydrogels prepared from cellulose nanofibrils via ferric ion-mediated crosslinking reaction for protecting drilling fluid
14/02/2019 - Ultrasensitive photoelectrochemical immunosensor based on Cu doped TiO2 compositing with carbon nitride for detection of carcinoembryonic antigen
14/02/2019 - Quencher?Delocalized Emission Strategy of AIEgen?Based Metal?Organic Framework for Profiling of Subcellular Glutathione
14/02/2019 - Study Rheological Behavior of Polymer Solution in Different-Medium-Injection-Tools
13/02/2019 - Just-in-time learning based soft sensor with variable selection and weighting optimized by evolutionary optimization for quality prediction of nonlinear processes
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