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19/04/2019 - Biological denitrification in an anoxic sequencing batch biofilm reactor: performance evaluation, nitrous oxide emission and microbial community
19/04/2019 - Investigation on advanced heat pump systems with improved energy efficiency
19/04/2019 - Personal exposure to PM2.5 constituents associated with gestational blood pressure and endothelial dysfunction
18/04/2019 - Model-Independent Observation of Exotic Contributions to ${B}^{0}?J/?{K}^{+}{?}^{?}$ Decays
18/04/2019 - Multi-stage optimization approach for sustainable municipal solid waste collection systems in urban areas of Asias newly industrialized countries
17/04/2019 - Grinding mechanism and mechanical properties of the in-situ synthesized Al2O3/TiAl composites
17/04/2019 - The reinforced photocatalytic performance of binary-phased composites Bi-Bi12O17Cl2 fabricated by a facile chemical reduction protocol
16/04/2019 - One-step ion beam irradiation manufacture of 3D micro/nanopatterned structures in SiC materials with tunable work functions
15/04/2019 - Fluffy honeycomb-like activated carbon from popcorn with high surface area and well-developed porosity for ultra-high efficiency adsorption of organic dye
15/04/2019 - Strengthening of reinforced concrete structure using sprayable fiber-reinforced cementitious composites with high ductility
15/04/2019 - Residential greenness and blood lipids in urban-dwelling adults: The 33 Communities Chinese Health Study
15/04/2019 - Synthesis, Characterization and Cytotoxicity Studies of Nanocrystalline Cellulose from the Production Waste of Rubber-wood and Kenaf-bast Fibers
15/04/2019 - Melt crystallization and thermal properties of graphene platelets (GNPs) modified recycled polyethylene terephthalate (RPET) composites: The filler network analysis
12/04/2019 - Near-infrared photodetector based on few-layer MoS2 with sensitivity enhanced by localized surface plasmon resonance
12/04/2019 - Energy and exergy analysis of proposed compression-absorption refrigeration assisted by a heat-driven turbine at low evaporating temperature
12/04/2019 - Performance analysis of a novel SOFC-HCCI engine hybrid system coupled with metal hydride reactor for H2 addition by waste heat recovery
11/04/2019 - Distribution of octenylsuccinate substituents within a single granule of modified waxy maize starch determined by Raman microspectroscopy
10/04/2019 - Insight into surface properties of O2 plasma activated Au/TiO2 prepared by DPU in CO oxidation
08/04/2019 - Laser transmission welding and surface modification of graphene film for flexible supercapacitor applications
08/04/2019 - The design, construction and experimental characterization of a novel concentrating photovoltaic/daylighting window for green building roof
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