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23/04/2018 - Looking at the big picture of IS investment appraisal through the lens of systems theory: A System Dynamics approach for understanding the economic impact of BIM
23/04/2018 - Toilet revolution in China
23/04/2018 - Urban design gone wrong: Cul‑de‑sacs
19/04/2018 - Announcing 2017 RCR annual awards
17/04/2018 - An outlook towards hydrogen supply chain networks in 2050 ? Design of novel fuel infrastructures in Germany
16/04/2018 - A time to nourish? Evaluating the impact of public procurement on technological generality through patent data
16/04/2018 - Structure and gene cluster of the O-antigen of Escherichia coli O54
16/04/2018 - Paper-derived cobalt and nitrogen co-doped carbon nanotube@porous carbon as a nonprecious metal electrocatalyst for the oxygen reduction reaction
16/04/2018 - Polyurea-crosslinked cationic acrylate copolymer for antibacterial coating
16/04/2018 - Assembly of one novel coordination polymer built from rigid tricarboxylate ligand and bis(imidazole) linker: Synthesis, structure, and fluorescence sensing property
13/04/2018 - An exploration of solutions for improving access to affordable fresh food with disadvantaged Welsh communities
13/04/2018 - Performance assessment of grid-interactive solar photovoltaic projects under India's national solar mission
13/04/2018 - The price of solar energy: Comparing competitive auctions for utility-scale solar PV in developing countries
13/04/2018 - Green public procurement ? A case study of an innovative building project in Norway
12/04/2018 - Enhanced hydrolysis of mechanically pretreated cellulose in water/CO2 system
12/04/2018 - NGOs fostering transitions towards sustainable urban sanitation in low-income countries: Insights from Transition Management and Development Studies
12/04/2018 - User perceptions about the adoption and use of ethanol fuel and cookstoves in Maputo, Mozambique
12/04/2018 - Development and test application of the UrbanSOLve decision-support prototype for early-stage neighborhood design
11/04/2018 - Building or stumbling blocks? Assessing the performance of polycentric energy and climate governance networks
11/04/2018 - Corporate-entrepreneur collaborations to advance a circular economy
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