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14/12/2018 - The effects of natural astaxanthin?modified silica on properties of natural rubber
12/12/2018 - Promoting Electrocatalysis upon Aerogels
10/12/2018 - In-situ growing D-A polymer from the surface of reduced graphene oxide: Synthesis and nonvolatile ternary memory effect
05/12/2018 - Research of Flow Field of Alkaline/Surfactant/Polymer Solution in the Annular Depressurization Slot by PIV Experiment
30/11/2018 - In-situ grafting of carboxylic acid terminated poly(methyl methacrylate) onto ethylene-glycidyl methacrylate copolymers:One-pot strategy to compatibilize immiscible poly(vinylidene fluoride)/ low density polyethylene blends
28/11/2018 - A Quasi?Solid?State Flexible Fiber?Shaped LiCO2 Battery with Low Overpotential and High Energy Efficiency
28/11/2018 - Enhanced positive temperature coefficient in amorphous PS/CSPE?MWCNT composites with low percolation threshold
26/11/2018 - Effect of Nanocellulose Fiber Hornification on Water Fraction Characteristics and Hydroxyl Accessibility during Dehydration
23/11/2018 - Optical Properties of Graphene/MoS2 Heterostructure: First Principles Calculations
23/11/2018 - Crystallization, flame?retardant, and mechanical behaviors of poly(lactic acid)9,10?dihydro?9?oxa?10?phosphaphenanthrene?10?oxidecalcium montmorillonite nanocomposite
22/11/2018 - Novel 3D network porous graphene nanoplatelets /Fe3O4/epoxy nanocomposites with enhanced electromagnetic interference shielding efficiency
21/11/2018 - Mechanistic Understanding of the Growth Kinetics and Dynamics of Nanoparticle Superlattices by Coupling Interparticle Forces from Real-Time Measurements
21/11/2018 - Numerical Study of Alternative Seismic-Resisting Systems for CLT Buildings
12/11/2018 - Analysis of phenolic compounds obtained from bamboo microwave liquefaction for fast?curing phenol?formaldehyde resin preparation
09/11/2018 - Photo?Powered Artificial Organelles for ATP Generation and Life?Sustainment
05/11/2018 - Internal erosional behaviour of dispersive clay stabilized with lignosulfonate and reinforced with polypropylene fiber
05/11/2018 - Plasma Corrosion Resistance of RO-Al2O3-SiO2 (R: Alkaline Earth) under Fluorocarbon Plasma with Ar+: ?. Plasma Resistant Glass
05/11/2018 - Design and optimization of the processing parameters of Ti-5Al-3V-3Zr-0.7Cr titanium alloy as a candidate material for pressure hull of fusion reactor
05/11/2018 - Probing the phase transformation and dislocation evolution in dual-phase high-entropy alloys
05/11/2018 - Cost Effective Surface?Modified Basalt Fibers?Reinforced Phthalonitrile Composites With Improved Mechanical Properties and Advanced Nuclear Shielding Efficiency
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