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16/10/2017 - Automated driving: Safety blind spots
16/10/2017 - Experiments as a means towards sustainable societies ? Lessons learnt and future outlooks from a Finnish perspective
16/10/2017 - Jack-in-the-black-box: Using Foucault to explore the embeddedness and reach of building level assessment method
16/10/2017 - Deployment strategies for planar multi-tethered satellite formation
16/10/2017 - Developing stretchable and graphene-oxide-based hydrogel for the removal of organic pollutants and metal ions
16/10/2017 - Study on surface quality, precision and mechanical properties of 3D printed ZrO2 ceramic components by laser scanning stereolithography
16/10/2017 - Evaluation of electrical conductivity and oxygen diffusivity of the typical Ruddlesden-Popper oxide Sr3Fe2O7-?
16/10/2017 - Biocompatibility, corrosion resistance and antibacterial activity of TiO2/CuO coating on titanium
13/10/2017 - A Markov decision process model for equitable distribution of supplies under uncertainty
13/10/2017 - University culture and sustainability: Designing and implementing an enabling framework
13/10/2017 - Forest land-use governance and change through Forest Owner Associations ? Actors' roles and preferences in Bavaria
13/10/2017 - The public health benefits of green infrastructure: the potential of economic framing for enhanced decision-making
13/10/2017 - Thermal comfort and energy performance of public rental housing under typical and near-extreme weather conditions in Hong Kong
12/10/2017 - Beyond the Right to the City: Territorial Autogestion and the Take over the City Movement in 1970s Italy
12/10/2017 - A micro-scale cutting model for UD CFRP composites with thermo-mechanical coupling
11/10/2017 - Carbon footprint based green supplier selection under dynamic environment
11/10/2017 - Chapter 8 Relative, Asset-Oriented, and Real Option Valuation Basics
11/10/2017 - Synthesis and binding affinity analysis of ?1-2- and ?1-6-O/S-linked dimannosides for the elucidation of sulfur in glycosidic bonds using quartz crystal microbalance sensors
11/10/2017 - A simple first-order shear deformation shell theory for vibration analysis of composite laminated open cylindrical shells with general boundary conditions
09/10/2017 - 4 The Vaccine Industry
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