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14/09/2018 - Catalytic property of [FeFe]-hydrogenase model complex: [(?-dmedt)Fe2(CO)5](?-DPPF-O) (DPPF?=?1,1?-bis(diphenylphosph ino)ferrocene) for the selective phenol hydroxylation
14/09/2018 - Supported ionic liquid membranes with high carrier efficiency via strong hydrogen-bond basicity for the sustainable and effective olefin/paraffin separation
14/09/2018 - Multiscale analysis of non-contact splices at drilled shaft to bridge column interface
14/09/2018 - Three-dimensional reinforcement design method and program realization for prestressed concrete box-girder bridges based on a specific spatial lattice grid model
14/09/2018 - Plastic deformation mechanism and interaction of B2, ?2, and O phases in Ti-22Al-25Nb alloy at room temperature
14/09/2018 - Effect of Hydrogen on Phase Transformation, Thermal Deformation Behavior, and Forming Limit of TC2 Alloy
14/09/2018 - Multiwall carbon nanotubes loaded with MoS2 quantum dots and MXene quantum dots: NonPt bifunctional catalyst for the methanol oxidation and oxygen reduction reactions in alkaline solution
14/09/2018 - New Suburbanism: Sustainable Spatial Patterns of Tall Buildings
14/09/2018 - Development of an urban FEW nexus online analyzer to support urban circular economy strategy planning
11/09/2018 - Recent Advances of Optical Imaging in the Second Near?Infrared Window
11/09/2018 - In-situ growth of Co3O4 nanowire-assembled clusters on nickel foam for aqueous rechargeable Zn-Co3O4 and Zn-air batteries
11/09/2018 - Oxygen deficiencies and metallic Bi-mediated photocatalytic activity of bismuth tungsten oxides
11/09/2018 - Enhanced electrocatalytic activity of WO3@NPRGO composite in a hydrogen evolution reaction
11/09/2018 - Ultra-high FRET efficiency NaGdF4: Tb3+-Rose Bengal biocompatible nanocomposite for X-ray excited photodynamic therapy application
11/09/2018 - Simultaneous nitrification-denitrification and membrane fouling alleviation in a submerged biofilm membrane bioreactor with coupling of sponge and biodegradable PBS carrier
11/09/2018 - Assessing the performance of a sequencing batch biofilm reactor bioaugmented with P. stutzeri strain XL-2 treating ammonium-rich wastewater
11/09/2018 - Chemical probes for human UDP?glucuronosyltransferases: a comprehensive review
11/09/2018 - Selective CO hydrogenation over bimetallic Co-Fe catalysts for the production of light paraffin hydrocarbons (C2-C4): Effect of H2/CO ratio and reaction temperature
11/09/2018 - Surface immobilization of heparin and chitosan on titanium to improve hemocompatibility and antibacterial activities
11/09/2018 - Material characterization of filament-wound composite pipes
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