Ensuring future use of the GUF Tool, which characteristics to take into account?

The beta version development of the GUF Tool is one of the most decisive moments of the project. All the work done so far must be reflected and basic criteria should be established to ensure the future uses of the tool. The study of the state of the art in Life Cycle Assessment software helped us to extract the following criteria:

- As end users may not be familiar with the Life Cycle Assessment methodology, the GUF Tool must be user friendly, intuitive and allow an easy data introduction or also to guide this data introduction.

- Manufacturers and public authorities will use the tool and it could be a problem if the software requires too much computing resources. Therefore, it should be convenient to develop the tool as an online software.

- One of the most important goals of the tool is to advice the officer on the most sustainable furniture; therefore, the tool must be able to do product comparison.

- The GUF Tool needs a specific form and a data-processing technique in order to enable manufacturers to improve the database.

- It will be very interesting for the users to export the final data to an Excel or a PDF file, in order to facilitate the presentation of the results in a shorted way.

- It is necessary to get a pleasant, clear and attractive interface.

All these criteria have been taken into account for the development of the beta version of the GUF Tool, which will be available very soon.


» Publication Date: 11/04/2017



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